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I am a gamer geek, and therefore have acquired this geeky little fetish for dice. I am sure other people have this horribly addicting fetish as well. If you have seen one die, you have NOT seen them all! Can't decide whether to buy a pair of sparkly, purple dice or that light-up die with your last dollar? Do you own several bags of dice only because you couldn't stop short in your collection? Or do you just love the geometric look of the d12? You are in the right place, because this community was created for geeks with dice... and an odd fetish for the item as well.

This community is open, basically, for geek talk. Yap about how awesome your character was in your AD&D game last Friday night or mention how your lucky die saved you from certain peril.

This is your chance to take pride in your geekiness! All geeks welcome. :}


There aren't many, but please observe them!

1) Quiz results are okay, but please don't flood the community with them. If you post a quiz/results, please put it behind a cut. If you are taking a quiz someone else already posted about, please post your results as a reply to the original post.

2) You are welcome to promote eBay auctions for game related stuff (your own or random eBay finds), but please only link to them once.

3) Cross-posting is okay, but please make sure that your post is relevant to this community. Unrelated/spam posts will be deleted!

4) Trolls are not welcome. If you notice a troll, please refrain from feeding it.

5) Use common sense before making posts and comments. If you are mean to another community member for no reason or just being a general asshat, I can and will remove you from the community. I also observe the right to remove posts that do not follow these rules.

Thank you, and have fun!

- NOTE -

This community is owned by geekers. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. Please feel free to get in contact with her. :}


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